3M Electronic Specialty Steel Barb Cable Ties

3M Steel Barb Cable Ties are made from nylon 6/6 and designed with a stainless-steel barb that, when engaged, presses into the strap and grips tight. The strap on 3M Steel Barb Cable Ties features a robust, ribbed pattern to help ensure bundles stay intact, even in high-vibration environments. Unlike typical ratchet-style cable ties, the barb can be locked at any point along the strap, allowing for more precise positioning. The rectangular head design includes rounded corners and a curved tip for easy, fast installation without snagging. These design features are critical when working in extreme conditions.


  • Fast, tough hold for industrial applications
  • Infinite locking positions to secure wire or cable
  • Head design prevents snagging for fast, easy installation
  • Ribbed body helps prevent slippage in high-vibration environments
  • Plenum Rated AH-2
  • Available in multiple strengths and lengths
  • Colors available in natural for indoor use and UV weather-resistant black for indoor and outdoor use
  • UL Listed 62275 Type 21 or 21S


  • Industrial wire bundles
  • Industrial cable harnesses
  • Environments where durability is critical: windfarms, oil and gas, power generations, etc.
  • Where steel barb ties are on customers specs


  • 4" to 28" length
  • 0.09" to 0.39" width
  • 0.04" to 0.07" thickness
  • 0.90" to 7.99" maximum bundle diameter
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range
Publicado: 2021-02-03 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11